Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Butlers

In February started the beginning of a companionship that is going to last forever and ever. Amy and JJ went on their first date. I have to say that I do take some credit in this wonderful union, but I was mostly just encouraging Amy to ask JJ to this institute dance. Now, they are very happily married.

The reception was wonderful. The couple was so incredibly happy that it radiated from them and many times I found myself nearly in tears, grateful for their happiness. They danced at the end of the reception and it was even a more tender moment. The smiling never ceased and was partnered with a lot of hugs and kisses. Its a moment I will remember for a very long time. I wouldn't want to be any less happy at my own wedding reception (when that day finally comes) than they were.

Sadly most of the pictures I took did not turn out but here are some that I found decent enough to share.

These were fun! Displayed on a table were pictures and the sweet Valentine's cards they made for each other.
A mutual friend and Amy's sister sang for the first 2 songs. I had never seen them kiss before! 
I was so happy to see old friends at the reception! Ya, we are kinda goofy sometimes.
I love JJ's cowboy hat!
 This was a picture taken of Amy and I at the luncheon (the day after the reception) they had after they were married in the temple.
I think its safe to say that they like each other.
I also got to decorate their car! My friend, Annalee, thought of a cute poem and wrote it on a window.
"Roses are red, lemons are yellow, Amy just married a charming young fellow."
Good byes before the honeymoon.

I am so happy for them!

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