Saturday, August 20, 2011

Red Hills Ranch- Day 47

I can't believe today is over! It was the craziest day up here. We had the horse sale and the senator is here. That's right, Senator Herb Kohl owns the ranch I work on. He is the greatest guy! I have only heard wonderful things about him and just my own personal interactions with him have been good. I could go on about him, but its late. All I have to say that if you ever get the chance to meet the senator of Wisconsin, DO IT! He is great.

This week I went on a horse ride and I didn't take my camera like I told myself that I would. I was frustrated, but I don't really know how successful I would be trying to ride and take pictures at the same time. Anyway I was thinking about it and seeing all the possible shots I could be taking when it occurred to me that a picture of what I was seeing would be a disappointment. Photographs are wonderful to hold memories but they miss so much. No photo could capture the say the fields swayed as the wind picked up.No photo could capture the rhythm of the horses hooves across the dirt path. No photo could capture the sounds of the birds and the crickets in the crass. No photo could capture the feeling of the horse underneath you, throwing his head, breathing heavily. After that I wasn't so mad that I forgot my camera. I just wish that there was some way to share these wonderful experiences with you. I really have the best summer job in the entire world! And I work and interact with some amazing people too. God has greatly blessed me.

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