Sunday, July 24, 2011

Red Hills Ranch-Day 20

Okay here's the update on Wyoming. My first day was July 5th and within 2 days I was sick. I laid in bed for days and eventually went to Idaho Falls to meet my mom and stay with family there until I got better. So this was the first full week that I was at the ranch and worked. I'm all better now so lets get back to the happy stuff.

It is like a dream up here. You saw the pictures in the past post, but you should see the real thing! I am in awe by this place everyday. We have had rainy days, intense lightning storms, wind, and of course the heat. I have never seen such an amazing lightning storm though. One moment you can't see your hand in front of your face and the next moment its like the sun turned on. Last Friday, during my break, I just sat on the fence and starred at the scenery around me. It hadn't changed since the day before or the day before that, but it still took my breath away. I wrote a description of the ranch in a letter:

"It's like a dream here. The red hills against a bright blue sky with clouds like foam or shaving cream whistling by. A strong breeze to make the fields and trees sing perfectly and tame the suns rays enough that the heat doesn't keep you inside. The sprinklers create rainbows as they turn and leave sparkling drops of cool water on the grass. I can stare at that scene for hours. And oh the smell! So fresh and fragrant: wild flowers, sagebrush, alfalfa, pine."

This is the lodge. I am working in the lodge every meal helping with setting tables and anything else that needs to be done like cleaning or setting up the bar or cooking. And don't worry about the cooking, its more like chopping fruit and things like that. The managers, Brian and Jodi, live in a house connected to the lodge and it is currently under construction (adding more rooms for their kids).

This skull and bones was on the porch on the bunkhouse. There are a lot of antlers hanging around this place that the boys find up in the hills or out in the field.

Can you see the double rainbow? I was kinda late getting this picture so the second rainbow isn't as clear.

This is McKenna and Natalia. One of the sprinklers was broken and from a distance it looked like a geyser. So the three of us took a four-wheeler out in the field and while I took pictures the girls had a riot getting soaked. Funniest thing to watch!

We did a bunch of jumping pictures which were the funnest.

This week we will have 3 full cabins which means it will be more busy than last week. I only have 5 weeks left up here and the time is flying by.

Until next time :)