Monday, May 14, 2012

My mother's and mother's Mother's day weekend

On Mother's day Jake, mom, and I went to my grandmother's house and surprised her! It was so much fun. I got to see a lot of my cousins and other family members that I don't see much (and receive more pressure about going to BYU-I). I loved it all. Jake will be leaving this summer to work for a company out of state and then going to college for a year and then his mission. In other words, we won't see him much and we don't know how much he will be able to see our dear grandma in the next few years so we wanted especially for him to see her now before the craziness starts (and well we just wanted to see our grandma just in general).

I was glad to leave Utah because it hadn't been particularly an excellent day. I finally decided the just other day that I was ready to jump back into the dating saddle. Not a problem, right? Wrong. So wrong. Alex is now scared of boys. Yup. This is a whole new side I thought I'd never see of myself. --and yes I often refer to myself in the third person-- My mom was even stunned when I told her about "the incident" at church. What happened was there is this super cute guy, like the only guy, that I am slightly interested in at the moment and I wanted to get more acquainted with him and get to know him (and hopefully get him to be a little interested in me). Usually this isn't much of a problem and mostly just comes naturally. Well not this time. I went to find a seat in Sunday School and I didn't really recognize anyone except for this exceptionally attractive young man; so as my usual "brave" (I put that in quotes because it could be also considered stupidity) self I went and sat on the same row just a chair away from him. So now all I needed to do is cleverly come up with a way to start a conversation. Well guess what; NOTHING came to me. Well I shouldn't say that. I probably would have thought of something to talk to him about except I was so scared I could hardly say hi when he said hi to me! Yup, I know, I'm practically hopeless. I know I've been lucky and have been on plenty of dates in the past and in some cases more than some of my friends (trust me, I'm not bragging because 98% of those dates don't go any further than the a first or second date) but this has probably been the longest length of time where I haven't been on a single date.

Lucky for me I have an uncle who is a stake president in Idaho and has a guy in mind that he can set me up with and I have a cousin who is up for the job as well. This is great, but then I will never need to have the guts to strike up a conversation. Oh well.

So back to Grandma's. We hung out with the fam and then went to the temple near by and took some senior pictures of Jake to send with his announcements. Most of them didn't turn out very good but one did and I guess that's really all we needed.
We wanted to get the temple in the background but obviously you can't see it. The sun was too bright and my camera and photo skills weren't good enough for the job, but I like the picture anyway.
 This one was okay. I just really wanted that waterfall in the background. Oh well.
This is the one my mom decided to put in with the announcements. Isn't he a hunk? ;) Love my Jakey.

And then of course we took some with Grandma...
This one didn't turn out the best but I just loved that Jake was cuddling up to her and she obviously loved it too. Jake really is a great kid :)
We couldn't get the lighting quite right but its okay. I think that it is the memory that the photo holds that counts the most. Love ya Grandma!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend of Wonderful Weddings

This past weekend was pretty insane-o. I was driving all over the state going to wedding luncheons, receptions, the temple, the store to buy gifts! It was also a blast. I got to spend a 4 hour car ride with my old roomies and then another 3 hour car ride with my dear Krystal. I didn't realize how few photos I took until I got home and put them on my computer to edit. I guess I was just so in awe of my dear friends in their glowing faces and also in helping out that I forgot to take lots of pics. Oh well. There are a few awesome pictures :)
My and my hommies. Don't know why Jess decided to stand behind me and look all creeper-ish.
I love this photo! They all look so beautiful! This was at the reception.
You've got to have one obnoxious photo with the bride right?
Loved the cake! It was simple and very yummy ;)
Watching the newlyweds dance was probably the sweetest part.
And this was definitely my favorite moment :)
The photographer at the reception grabbed the rings to put them in the bouquet and I snapped a picture as she was adjusting her fancy camera :)

So that was wedding numero uno.

This is the second wedding.
 Krystal was kind enough to give me a ride and this is the two of us in front of the temple waiting for the newlyweds to come out. Before we went to the temple Krystal and I went on a gift run and probably put together the most epic gift bag ever!
Dang! Handsome couple right? They could not separate themselves from each other. I loved it :)

Sadly those are the two best pictures I took for this wedding. Apparently I was just too excited (squealing a little bit actually) to focus on taking decent photos. Oh well! 

So even though everyone knows that Alex would love to get married really soon (as in probably a year ago), she still enjoyed watching her dear friends get married and she didn't feel anything but happiness for the lucky couples. God must be watching over me, I mean her. ;) (Yes I just referred to myself in 3rd person.)

Meanwhile, back in Riverton, I got a job! Yeah! Tomorrow is my first day and I am a little nervous but also very excited to start making some money! Also, stay tuned for hopefully an awesome weekend announcement (not the working part) that hopefully involves a handsome young man and also more gift giving epic-ness.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My brother- the TV star

My not-so-little little brother, Jake, has been on television several times, but this time he was actually interviewed!!! Its a good story and my brother got his 10-ish seconds of fame. :)

Just click HERE to watch :)