Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend of Wonderful Weddings

This past weekend was pretty insane-o. I was driving all over the state going to wedding luncheons, receptions, the temple, the store to buy gifts! It was also a blast. I got to spend a 4 hour car ride with my old roomies and then another 3 hour car ride with my dear Krystal. I didn't realize how few photos I took until I got home and put them on my computer to edit. I guess I was just so in awe of my dear friends in their glowing faces and also in helping out that I forgot to take lots of pics. Oh well. There are a few awesome pictures :)
My and my hommies. Don't know why Jess decided to stand behind me and look all creeper-ish.
I love this photo! They all look so beautiful! This was at the reception.
You've got to have one obnoxious photo with the bride right?
Loved the cake! It was simple and very yummy ;)
Watching the newlyweds dance was probably the sweetest part.
And this was definitely my favorite moment :)
The photographer at the reception grabbed the rings to put them in the bouquet and I snapped a picture as she was adjusting her fancy camera :)

So that was wedding numero uno.

This is the second wedding.
 Krystal was kind enough to give me a ride and this is the two of us in front of the temple waiting for the newlyweds to come out. Before we went to the temple Krystal and I went on a gift run and probably put together the most epic gift bag ever!
Dang! Handsome couple right? They could not separate themselves from each other. I loved it :)

Sadly those are the two best pictures I took for this wedding. Apparently I was just too excited (squealing a little bit actually) to focus on taking decent photos. Oh well! 

So even though everyone knows that Alex would love to get married really soon (as in probably a year ago), she still enjoyed watching her dear friends get married and she didn't feel anything but happiness for the lucky couples. God must be watching over me, I mean her. ;) (Yes I just referred to myself in 3rd person.)

Meanwhile, back in Riverton, I got a job! Yeah! Tomorrow is my first day and I am a little nervous but also very excited to start making some money! Also, stay tuned for hopefully an awesome weekend announcement (not the working part) that hopefully involves a handsome young man and also more gift giving epic-ness.


  1. Girl, it has been way too long. How are you? Also, you're beautiful.

    1. Elise! It has been a long time :) And you are too kind haha thanks love. :) I am doing well. Have to admit that I miss Logan sometimes and I totally miss seeing you're lovely face! How are you?!

  2. Awww... :D Aly, I don't know if I ever told you how WONDERFUL it was to have you and Krystal and Camille at the temple as we walked out. Because, honestly, it was one of the best parts of that day to see people smiling and squealing (:D hehe) and SO happy for us-- especially those people who saw the whole relationship begin and progress... It's those friends who you can tell really really mean it when they say 'Congratulations' or 'I'm SO happy for you two!'... because they've seen us through the ups and downs. I love you, beautiful girl, and can't wait to see you in a lovely white dress outside a gorgeous house of God with a handsome man at your side who makes you as happy as you've ever been. :) Your day will come... probably sooner than you think. :D Love you!