Saturday, April 28, 2012

My journey home.

Leaving Logan turned out to be a lot harder than I had expected. For the past week or so wasn't fun either as I would walk around and realized all I was going to miss: the old homes and old campus buildings, the "fries", the Logan temple, all of my amazing friends, country swing dancing, and just being around mass amounts of college students my age. I made it home though. I didn't cry the whole way home until I saw this...
Jake, my not-so-little little brother, and his friend put this up the night before I came home. Isn't he so sweet. When I saw it I had an overwhelming feeling of love and I couldn't hold back the tears. Living at home isn't going to be easy, but it will be great. :)
I have the best brother in the world :D Thanks Jakey :)

Then- just the next day another little miracle came. Her name is Alaina...

Isn't she just beautiful?! I love holding newborns. Alaina is my 7th niece. I am so blessed!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

True Love - Take Two

For those that have been reading my blog for a while you might remember the post True Love??? where I challenged you to find a song that talked about TRUE love. I know there are a lot of songs that talk about love, but I mean love as an action. Love is a verb, an action not a noun. Well I think I might have finally found a song that fits what I am looking for and lucky for me its a song by my favorite country artist.
Please enjoy:)
Time is Love - Josh Turner

I believe that a huge part of love is spending time with that person, putting them as a higher priority than temporal things and SHOWING it. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Just remember, life is good.

You know those moments that you have throughout the day that just make you think, "life is just good." Well here are some of mine... or a lot :)
Carrie and I in Jackson Hole
Bayley, Kaitlyn and I at an Aggie football game.
Jer and Teos at the park.
Jake, ya...
Katie and I getting a treat.
My familia :)
Brit and I hangin' out.
My friends and I at the General Relief Society Meeting.
Aaron and Jaden playing arcade games.
Baylor and I goofing off.
Me and my awesome roomies just after ice blocking down Old Main.
Hangin' out at a bonfire.
Haley and I at Mt. Timpanogos temple
Waiting for the Hunger Games!
Gavin and I posing while Jack takes a picture.
Carrie, Krystal, Dora, and I.

Life is good!

Climbing Blind

Today out on the quad there was a rock wall and I couldn't resist. After Jessica and I watched our friend do crazy flips on the trampoline and signed ourselves up for Man Vs Mud [if you're interested in joining our team just contact me, we'd love to have ya! It's an awesome 5k - Man Vs. Mud 5k] we walked over to the rock wall. I'll admit I needed a little coaxing, but I am so glad I did it. It was a blast.

I wasn't planning on climbing so I wasn't exactly dressed appropriately. Oh well!
I really hope that guy wasn't watching me... haha

So after climbing 2 different walls, the guy in charge asked if I wanted to climb blind folded! Obviously he knew I needed a real challenge. ;) I thought it sounded fun and it was, but oh boy, it was a lot harder than I expected and Jessica was just laughing at me the whole time, but I'm sure it was funny to watch.

Even from the beginning I struggled a bit (yes I realize this is a silly picture). You can see my right hand searching for something to grab. I was just used to SEEING where I was going, planning ahead where I could step and push myself up to reach a higher hold. It was hard to literally climb blind.
But I did make it to the top.

Writing about this experience really made me think about how applicable this is to life. Ideally I was hoping that Jessica could guide me, and she did...a little bit, and helped me find hand holds and places I could step but for the most part I had to search and feel around. In a way this is kind of how experiences in life can be like. Sometimes the Spirit prompts us to do things that we know are right, but we can't really "see" ahead at how everything is going turn out or we can't "see" why we are supposed to do something. We just have to trust that the Lord will guide us where we should "place our hands" and where to "step" and sometimes we feel around until we find a "hand hold" we might be the right one to grab and keep climbing until He directs us otherwise.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear Future Hubby...

I love to write. I try to keep a journal and write in it frequently. A little over a year ago I decided to not only write in my own personal journal, but to write in a separate journal to fill with letters to my future husband. This idea had come to me time and time again so I figured that it was something I needed to do. At first I didn't know what to write in it, but I still wrote every once in a while. I only have a handful of letters in that journal but as I read over the letters I saw that they were gradually getting better.

Lately in institute and in church we have been talking about journals and the importance of keeping a journal. I like to refer to my journal to remind me of learning experiences I've had or reflect on how much I've changed (hopefully for the better). Well today as I read the letters I had written to my future hubby, one touched me and was an answer to my prayers. Who thought that I could be blessed by a letter I had written to someone else?

So if you happen to be married (or not) and think of something my future husband might like to read in one of these letter, please share! :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I broke my leg?

I am a terrible liar. Like I can't lie even if my life depended on it. Somehow someone believed me today.

So it was like 10 p.m. April 1st and all my roomies are checking Facebook and sharing all of the hilarious April Fool's Day pranks everyone pulled on each other (you know like the typical "I'm engaged!") and I get this idea. I send a text to my mom simply saying, "I think I broke my leg." response. So I sent another text that said, "I will call you when they get done with the x-ray." My mom called me 3 minutes later. I just told her that I would call her back but we were about to do the x-ray. I had to cut the conversation short because as soon as I hung up the phone my roomies and I were all laughing so hard.

Then, while I was "getting my leg x-rayed", we looked up leg x-rays Google and found one to send to my mom in about 15 minutes (because that's the amount of time it would take to get an x-ray, right?). Well my impatient mom couldn't handle it so she called after like 10 minutes. I told her the story about how my knee gave out when I was walking down the molding stairs at my apartment (they really are molding) and feel down. She totally bought it. But then I couldn't take it anymore so I said "April Fool's!"

...I haven't heard my mom say my full name in a long time.