Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear Future Hubby...

I love to write. I try to keep a journal and write in it frequently. A little over a year ago I decided to not only write in my own personal journal, but to write in a separate journal to fill with letters to my future husband. This idea had come to me time and time again so I figured that it was something I needed to do. At first I didn't know what to write in it, but I still wrote every once in a while. I only have a handful of letters in that journal but as I read over the letters I saw that they were gradually getting better.

Lately in institute and in church we have been talking about journals and the importance of keeping a journal. I like to refer to my journal to remind me of learning experiences I've had or reflect on how much I've changed (hopefully for the better). Well today as I read the letters I had written to my future hubby, one touched me and was an answer to my prayers. Who thought that I could be blessed by a letter I had written to someone else?

So if you happen to be married (or not) and think of something my future husband might like to read in one of these letter, please share! :)

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