Thursday, March 24, 2011

True Love???

A recent institute class has been on my mind a lot. I am currently taking the preparing for eternal marriage class and the subject was on true love. Like usual the direction of the class went some where I was not expecting and I learned something completely new. One of the main points that my teacher made was that love is a verb, an action not a noun. It made sense and I believe that it is true. Well this week I have listened to lyrics to the love songs I hear on the radio, songs my roommates listen to, and quotes from movies. I have yet to find a song or relationship from a movie that shows love as an action not a noun. Of  course all of the songs about Christ's love for us will speak of this true love, but those don't count. I'm talking about the love we are all looking for here on earth from someone of the opposite gender we want to share eternity with. Please, if you find a song that truly describes this kind of love, share :) I will be forever grateful and it will give me some small hope that someone out there writing love songs to all of the girls out in the world knows what they are talking about.


After posting this I started listening to Love Me Dead by Ludo. That song MIGHT count... haven't really decided. Anyways, so keep searching...I will be.

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