Monday, March 28, 2011

Wonderful Weekends

This weekend my best friend came up from Salt Lake and we went to the Allred concert here in Logan. It was so amazing! Allred is so...real. He is a real person and he considers what some call 'fans' his friends. I genuinely like him as a person separate to how I feel about his music, if that makes sense. Anyway so I also got to check off No. 19 on 'my list'.

Oh! Saturday morning was awesome too! I went with a dear friend of mine, Krystal, to the Logan temple. A temple visit hasn't effected me in that way for the longest time and it was so sweet to me.

I am very much excited for this week! I am dreading a lot of things, but I need to look on the bright side. Sunday we had an amazing Relief Society lesson that even some our leaders got to experience. Its called Sensing Christ. Also I started my 'Walk With Christ' last weekend. The fact that General Conference is so close makes it all the better! What a wonderful life. :)

One thing that I wasn't planning on sharing, but I guess I will, but at the moment I am invoation of one of the things on my list. I am working to fix it and it will take time. After leaving the fieldhouse I had a new confidence that I can do it. With the support of friends, family, and of course a Father in Heaven that loves me dearly.

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