Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beginnings of Spring

So the first day of spring was a couple weeks ago... What happened!? Snow...really? Lame... Anyways other than the snow life has been quite a party...literally.

I went up to Idaho Falls for conference. It was so good to see some of my family, especially my grandma. Conference was absolutely amazing! It always seems to come at just the time that I  need it. My grandma has a beautiful stainglass decoration that I had a little fun with too.

Well yesterday wasn't so much. Have you given blood before? Well if you have you know how uncomfortable and painful it is. I absolutely hate giving blood, but for some odd reason I do it anyways; that was adventure yesterday. Tonight Carrie and I helped out with a real party.

Yesterday was my dear friend, Sharlee's, birthday so today we threw her a surprise party and I went absolutely crazy with my camera! Here's some of the highlights...

Carrie starting to decorate the cake and little did we all know that she is TOTALLY gifted in that area!
It was so hard not to eat a cupcake even when they weren't frosted...yum
Krystal in her lovely apron. She was the mastermind behind all of this.
 Dearest Dora making an authentic Thai dish :)
 Decorations! I got distracted and didn't take a picture of when we were all done...just imagine a lot more streamers and people.
 Don't those look absolutely delicious?! They were so good and I loved the homemade frosting we made too.
 Carrie decorated this. I personally think she should start a business or something. I might be crazy, but I would totally pay money for her to make an adorable cake like that for me!
 Self explanatory...
 Oh! Sharlee is going on a mission soon so we decorated the other cake like the Cambodian flag... I provided the blue stripes.
 Sharlee's so happy, I love it!

These pictures I cannot take credit for, however. Provided by Jeff :)
 Sweet Josh..
 And adorable Mike...
Handsome Jeff and...uh....I don't know who the weirdo on the right is.

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