Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hairy Debates

Dramatic A-line, asymmetrical, lots of layers, and bangs. That has been my haircut for the past 4 years or so. I'm not complaining, the cut has served me well, but its been 4 years! I have been in need of a bit of a change. Friends often ask if I plan on ever growing my hair out again and I have thought about it, but I really think short is the style for me. My hair is really fine and has no body in it and I just remember that I was never really satisfied with my hair then. But for kicks and giggles I thought it would be fun to post some old and some new and let you see the difference since most of you have never seen me with long hair. And if you happen to have any advice as to what I should do to spice things up let me know! (And I already said no to spiking the back)

P.S. I don't know the exact dates of all of these pictures, but I do know the stories behind them :)

This is on one of my birthdays and I'm going to guess I was 12 or 13...

This is on another birthday, probably before the previous picture, and I'm assuming 12 or so. Obviously it was a good summer because look how dark my arm is!
I want to say that this is when my family and I went to Bryce Canyon on a family vacation or it could just be on a hiking adventure. I am about 14.

So now you've seen some long. Here's the short.

I am sitting with my brother and cousin in this photo at a family reunion summer 2010.
Again this photo is older than the previous and is part of a collection of senior pictures my dance instructor took during my senior year of high school (2010).
Last, but not least, this was taken over Christmas 2010. I am sitting on the couch with my darling niece. Isn't she adorable? :)

So take your pick. Short? Long? Neither? ;) Its been a hairy debate.


  1. Wow..that is hard, because you were young with the long hair and no bangs look. I so I think the shorter with bangs is more fitting. I think you should try to grow it out though...just to see. Then you know that the shorter works and you could just cut it. That probably didn't help.

  2. Before you decide you should do a crazy short hairdue and then just grow it out when you are done. I think long hair makes a person look more grown up. I think whatever you do it will look nice.