Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break- Take Two

Today was just one of those days. I feel gross, but I have so much to catch up on I've been trying all day to get stuff done. I either end up falling asleep (even in my car, but I wasn't driving) or just constantly lose concentration. I've been so miserable and I couldn't put myself through more miserable homework so at 8:30 I just gave up. I ended up looking at pictures and figured that there is probably someone that actually reads my blog other than myself that has been dying to see more pictures from Spring Break. So for whoever that is, this blog is dedicated to you :)

So last you heard Carrie and I had emptied the fridge, filled our tummies, and were on the road to my house in Salt Lake. We went to the singles ward there, which was fun but weird, then it was back on the road to St. George.

In St. George (this is Sunday night) we visited with Carrie's family. Her aunt and uncle were so sweet to let us crash on their couch for a few nights. Sunday night we also went to the CES fireside. There was NO ONE at the church. Okay, that's an exaggeration, there were people there but compared to Logan the chapel was practically empty.

Carrie's aunt had a beautiful, bright garden in front of the house. Carrie and I went crazy that not only could we see the grass, but that it wasn't dead and we didn't have a need to wear a jacket.

Shopping. That's pretty much all we did that afternoon. It originally was just going to be window shopping at the outlets, but hey-we're on spring break so give me a break ;) It started out with, "let's get some sunglasses." Then, "I don't have any sweatpants!" And finally, "Carrie, you look too good in that shirt not to buy it!"
No makeup Monday for me :)
 Carrie stylin' in her amazing sunglasses and gorgeous shirt. :) What a beauty!
 Monday I liked to say that "we went from pine trees to palm trees!"
Our new shades.

Later on Monday we also played games with Carrie's cousins. They were so much fun and I really do miss them.

Tuesday was, I think, the real start of our crazy busy days ahead. We did baptisms at the St. George temple with Carrie's cousin, Pete, then headed north for 2 hours to Carrie's hometown, Milford. On the way to Milford we stopped by SUU to visit some friends.

Tuesday afternoon, after arriving in Milford, we played with the kids in town at the park, played piano, and I mentally prepared myself for the days ahead. During the whole trip I was in awe that all the weeks of planning were over and we were actually going to visit more than half the temples in Utah!
 Carrie and friend at SUU.

 Kids at the playground! So cute. For me it turned into reflecting on my childhood and the amazement of how fast time is going by.
 Chris, Carrie, and I at a friend's. And yes someone has already mentioned that this picture makes it look like Carrie and I are dating...well we aren't.
 Singing to hymns on the piano.

I have been to a small town before, but Milford was definitely a SMALL town! Reminded me of the old western movies I watched with Dad growing up. Good times.

-Soon to come-

 Carrie and Alex have visited their first temple on their temple adventure of a lifetime. Soon they will be on the road headed towards Salt Lake yet again. Will Carrie's new car get a flat? Will they be given the wrong directions from Google Maps and get lost? Will the temple be closed when they arrive? Until next time :)

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