Sunday, August 21, 2011

Red Hills Ranch- Day 48

So looking through my photos I realized that I have forgotten to share some other wonderful times that I have had up here at RHR. I figure it would be a good idea to post them now before school starts.

Well one evening, just a few weeks ago, some of the crew and some friends went on a night hike up to Jenny Lake. We started the hike around 7pm or so. It was fun to hike as the sun sunk deeper and deeper behind the mountains and the air got cooler, not warmer. The hike up was good, but the way back down the mountain was spooky. No one had brought flashlights (ya, even the boy scout was unprepared) and sometimes it was hard to see the path. I didn't dare look anywhere but at the path because my imagination would kick in. I started seeing things or maybe it was just that I was nervous. Miraculously we all made it back to the truck and the 6 of us piled in the peach (Laura's truck). Four of us sat in the bed of the truck, which had the shell on, and it was actually really fun.

Even though the hike was scary, I got some cool photos.

This last one was probably my favorite.

Today I watched a movie with the crew during our break and when I went outside this is what I found...

 These kids, especially the boys, are so active and adventurous. I wish I was more like them. They aren't afraid to get hurt and try new things all of the time. Well the kid tied up is Colten, the eldest son. Colten got out of the ropes fairly fast, but it was so funny to watch and it brought back some fun memories from my childhood.

Then I looked over my shoulder, to the east-ish, and this is what I saw...

 The fire was super small yesterday. You can kinda see flames in this photo, in the middle. Luckily its pretty far from here.

Hope you have an adventurous week because I know I will :)

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