Friday, September 23, 2011

Sleep Laughing and Butterflies

Because I was the oldest child and also the only daughter in the house growing up, I got my own room sooner than my brothers did. I had my own room until I got to college and even though it would be super nice to have a room to myself, it is cheaper to share a room. I don't mind sharing and I haven't had any problems with the roommates I've shared rooms with, I just think it would be nice to have a room to myself. Anyway, moving on. So my new roommate is a party animal! Seriously. You thought I liked to party, socialize, stay up late or whatever, well you should meet Jessy. She's the queen of the night scene. She goes to bed a lot later than I do and lately she's been telling me some pretty creepy stuff. First it started when she told me that she heard me talking (or mumbling) in my sleep but the only thing she could understand that I said was a name. That's not the best part, even more recently she said that I've been laughing in my sleep! Not a giggle or a chuckle, full on laughing! I honestly would be a little creeped out if I walked into a room and someone was laughing in their sleep. But at least I'm not crying, right? I'm thinking about investing in some kind of recording device and recording myself while I sleep just to see what I say. I don't remember my dreams and most of the time I wake up and couldn't even tell you if I had a dream or not so I have no idea what I am laughing about.

I've been kind of nervous with all of this sleep talk and laughing because its not uncommon for me to fall asleep while studying in the library or during a break in between two of my classes. Can you imagine what it would be like if I started talking in my sleep in the library?! Ya, kinda scary.

So the other day I was walking out of the ag science building and there was a butterfly just chillin' on the steps. Luckily I always have my camera with me so I took my first pictures of a butterfly!

Sadly this is the only one that really turned out, but its decent enough :)

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