Monday, September 12, 2011

You've Got Mail

I LOVE mail! I love letters the very most even if its just a short note that someone sticks on my door. I love the character of it with the unique handwriting everyone has and there's just something about the fact that there person took the time to WRITE it not just type it and send it off into cyberspace. I'm not saying that I don't love emails too, I just love written letters more.

Until recently, I never really wrote many letters or got a ton of letters. Of course there were the sparkly birthday cards and a letter from my cousin, Mikel, with stickers all over it, but I never really got mail. I had 4 brothers that went on missions but I don't ever really remember writing them much to either. (Ya I am a pretty lame sister ;) ) But now I write like crazy! I write just for fun, but nearly every single day I write a letter. On Mondays I get 3 emails from my cousins that are on missions (I LOVE Mondays for that) and then the rest of the days of the week its a letter to a dear friend, to 2 friends on missions, an email to my sister, or something like that. I love it!

I have especially loved writing missionaries. It has been amazing to see the change that two of my cousins have gone through and how much they have grown spiritually in such a short amount of time. I love sharing spiritual things with them and I also love hearing about their experiences (though I wish they had time to share more). One of my cousins shared something really profound with me today. He said, "but Jesus Christ loves us all, his atonement not only for forgiveness of sins when we repent but also healing our bodies minds and spirits and making us so much better than we even dreamed we could be. Broken things can mend through Jesus Christ." Of course I knew that the atonement wasn't just for our sins, but I loved the say he said, "broken things can mend through Jesus Christ." In that line he meant himself. My cousin went through a time in his life that he felt bruised, lost, and broken and because of some people that were living the gospel befriended him he pulled through and changed to be the amazing young man he is now and he is serving a mission and changing so many other lives.

Well here is my "letter" to you today.

Dear Friend,
Be that person! I believe that there are people out there that each one of us is supposed to personally help because we will understand their situation the best or whatever other reason. You could be that one person that changes someones life around, you could be the one to save someone. Remember that there are people out there that want to help you. We all go through hard times, but we are never alone and I promise you that there is someone out there that knows that you are hurting and wants to help! So let them. Holding it all in isn't going to fix anything. Remember to be the good influence that people need especially in the world today and remember to set an example because there is always someone watching you. So stay positive, work hard, and show your beautiful smile to the world as much as you can.
With love,


  1. That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Aly! What happened to my silly, naive, young roomie? She's officially gone, I'm sure. You, dear girl, have grown SO much as of late... I just don't know what to think of it. Weird, but I feel a sense of almost motherly "my little girl is growing up" feeling when I think of you. I miss seeing you so often and being so involved with your life, but I can see you're doing spectacularly on your own. I LOVE YOU!! Keep in touch, okay?