Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our Own Pie Day:)

Okay, so I realize that this pie day thing with my friends has been a tradition for them for a while, but I was only included in this grand occasion one other time than today. In the past we made rhubarb pie, but today it was banana cream! Boy, it was good. To be honest it wasn't the pie that made my night, it was the people I was spending my time with. Layten, a dear friend of mine, moved to Salt Lake and I haven't seen him in months so that was awesome! Andrew I haven't seen for a long time either and of course Brittney, my amazing roommate! We had a grand 'ol time and by the end of our delicious gathering, my side and cheeks hurt (Layten was mostly to blame).

 Brittney and I made faces at the camera while the boys looked up a song that Layten felt related to what we were talking about (Easy by Rascal Flatts, I think).
Yummy pie. And I finally used the timer setting on my camera. Ya I know you're jealous ;)


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  1. Pie :) Yummy. That sort of stuff is scarce here... they don't bake much. I'm so glad you are enjoying college! Love you girly!