Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Anti-Laboring Weekend

Friday night was epic! The institute dance was probably the funnest dance I have been to in my life! I mean high school dances were fun, but college is just 100 times better in general. Instititute dances are nice because the music is clean and fun, the dress is appropriate, the dancing is clean (crazy but clean), and it was just nice to dance to my hearts content without worrying about my date or friends seeing something they didn't want to. My friends and I were on top of the world doing crazy, weird dance moves and eating free food. It was also really nice to see all of my old friends from last year and catch up. Half are engaged and a few got married over the summer, but luckily there is still a handful that are still single and let me tag along with them. I got to see my awesome cousins too! Katie, Megan (well she's a 2nd cousin), Spencer and I even have a 3rd cousin up here! Its crazy, all my relatives, distant and close, are going to school in Logan. I love it!

Saturday was supposed to be a productive day, but after trying everything to get me to concentrate, I gave up and reorganized my room and organized the kitchen instead.

Today was probably the best day this whole weekend. After an inspiring morning at church I wandered around the temple to kill time before I went to a baby blessing. To see the gates at the temple open and welcoming was a comfort to me.

It was amazing to see all of the families that seemed to flood to the temple. There were a lot of people taking pictures and kids running around. I'm so excited for the day that I can take my kids to the temple on a Sunday afternoon and teach them about how sacred and wonderful it is.

Again I was surrounded by children at the baby blessing. My brother, Kip, had his first little girl and she is beautiful! I also got to see a new nephew of mine, Isaac. I got so caught up in talking to my siblings, eating, and holding Isaac that I didn't get to hold little Nora, Kip's little girl, or get a picture! She seemed to disappear whenever I had my hands free.

Hey, its hard to take a picture and hold a baby at the same time! This is Isaac. I believe he is only like... a month or month and a half old. Cute huh?
 This is my madre holding Isaac, a much better picture of him. I love his bright blue eyes and red hair!
Jake, my not-so-little bro, was playing with Laila, a niece of mine.
 What a stud.
 This is Ethan, my eldest nephew, Teos is to the right (and his lil' sister and Isaac's older sister), and Natalia is in the front (Laila's older sister). Somehow Jer, my older brother, got the kids to sit still for a second to take a decent picture.
This is Laila again. I love this picture! Her hair has gotten so light and long. Pretty much I have the cutest nieces and nephews EVER! And this is only half of them!

Well, sorry Kip and Alisha... I still can't believe I didn't get a picture of you and Nora... Next time I will for sure! I love my family!

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