Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Christmas to Remember

I have to admit that living away from home made it difficult to remember that it was Christmas time, so even though it felt like I literally blinked and Christmas was gone, it was a great holiday! I got so spend time with my family and dear friends. I also got EXACTLY what I wanted from Santa (yes Santa still delivers to me, I'm the lucky oldest and apparently Santa didn't mind sparing a few presents for me ;) ). I got a new digital camera!!! So here are some pictures with the old and new from the past few days :)
My grandmother's handmade Swedish decorations (I think).
New camera

 My grandparents and I   :)
 A great opportunity to take an awesome picture wasn't wasted because I pretty much carry  my camera around with me EVERYWHERE!
 Kade is camera shy. Its really sad actually because he is such a stud!
 Jake and Devin playing ping pong. Devin dominated. hehe
 My baby girl :) Sweetest dog on the planet.
 So every year we try our hardest to frost the reindeer cookies we make, but they always seem to fall apart mostly around the neck, so I decided to get a little creative.
 Jake stuffing his face (old camera).
Jake's friend trying to be funny. It always works. (also old camera)

Merry Christmas from southern Salt Lake :D

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