Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Its Christmas Break! Finally a real break. It has been such an epic past week.

Sunday my roommate got confused on times and place for our ward's Sacrament because we were combined with 4 other singles wards and we missed it. I was kind of worried because I realize how important it is to take the Sacrament each week so to make a long story short, we ended up going to the deaf branch here in Logan. It was so cool. Don't worry though, the ward has someone talking and signing so we knew what was going on. Sitting in the chapel, yet again the truth of the gospel was confirmed to me. Even though we were attending a deaf branch, nothing was different than our own ward's Sacrament meetings and the Spirit was there too. For dinner that night we grilled two steaks! Keira, my roomie, and I have been so blessed with wonderful home teachers that not only teach us but ensure that we don't starve ;)

On Monday I went on a date to the Logan bowling alley (it was only like my 5th time bowling ever). Well my date and I did one round (I lost) and then for the second round we came up with rewards for if we won. Well Aaron, my date, decided that if he won I had to wear the same outfit for a whole week! Gross I know. Well I was not having a very creative day and I decided that if I won Aaron had to serenade and old lady of my choosing with his ukulele. There was no way that I was going to lose this round and I was pretty confident that I would win because at the beginning of the new round I had a double strike. Sadly this luck of mine ran out fast and Aaron caught up to me and passed me in no time. Alas I am yet to discover what week Aaron chooses for me to do the most repulsive thing of my life! Yuck, I have a feeling that I will be spending a lot of extra money multiple times in one week. I just hope and pray he forgets about it.

I have been working a lot more lately too, I take pretty much any of the other hostesses shifts that need it off since I am in Logan for most of the break. Well with Christmas so close, the restaurant has been super busy. I have definitely learned a lot about work in these past few weeks and I hope the owner and managers are pleased with my work.

Now to make this lovely month of complete freedom (almost) I am going to my very first USU sports event ever!!! The basketball game starts in the next little bit and I am super excited!!

Merry Christmas all! I hope you've been able to enjoy this time of year as much as I have!

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