Sunday, March 17, 2013

A visit from Superman

So remember my friend from THIS? Well he is back! But he isn't "back" in the sense of THIS. It is continuing on more of THIS vibe and THIS vibe. ...Sorry that probably isn't helping me explain much so let me just get straight to the story. I'm going to switch THIS GUY'S 'nickname' up a bit though (and I'll explain that too).

Well remember Captain America? Sorry I'm getting 'link' happy.
I don't mean him...
...though I wouldn't be opposed to going on a date with him ^. I mean the Captain I went on a date with a while back. Anyway, I kind of got on this naming-my-dates-after-superheroes thing and so I have a new name for the inspiring guy I dated last July/August-wow was it really that long ago? Okay sorry, back to the point. Well I refer to him as Superman. I think this name also fits him perfectly.

So as the title of this post 'foreshadowed'...blunty, I got a visit from Superman recently. Keep in mind that the only time I had talked to Superman in about 4 months was when I told him that I got my mission call and it was more like phone tag than a real conversation. That's it. So after not seeing or talking to him in a very long time, I get a cellular message from Superman and the next thing I know he is sitting in my front room laughing at one of my ridiculous stories. Yeah crazy, I know!

Well the next day I told my aunt about this visit and she told me not to read into it. I thought for a long time about whether I was just over analyzing everything and decided to just simply lay out the facts:

  1. Superman broke up with ME (which is fine because I'm supposed to serve a mission anyways, but we won't get into that).
  2. I don't hear from Superman in about 4 months time. Not a word. Not anything.
  3. Superman comes to my house to visit me (kind of out of the blue) and tells me beforehand he has a 'mission gift' for me.
  4. Superman visits for 4 1/2 hours (until 2 a.m.).
  5. Superman gives me what could be considered a sentimental gift (something he was given on his mission). 
  6. Even though he doesn't normally talk a ton, Superman was in between dominating and evenly contributing to our conversation.
  7. Also, Superman was seated within my... intimate space.
  8. Superman doesn't leave until we get laughing so hard it wakes up my dad and he basically kicks Superman out of the 2 in the morning! how am I not supposed to read into this... 

Weeks pass and I have my mission farewell. I invited Superman and he came to hear me speak (which made me strangely nervous, but I don't want to get into that either). Well after I gave my talk I invited friends and family to come over to my house to have some lunch and visit. Superman came, but left...kinda early. I thought "Oh well. It would be nice to talk to him, but I guess it's good to be at the end of all that 'analysis avoidance' right?" WRONG.

Later that same day I get another cellular message. Superman wants to hang out again before I leave on my mission. Huh. Yeah, I definitely don't need to read into that. Whatever.

Well we have a day and time set to do whatever it is two people do after they've dated, become good friends, stopped dating, not communicated for a significant chunk of time, seen each other twice, and now one is leaving on a dating-sabbatical/service to the Lord/LDS mission. Don't get me wrong, I am excited. I mean we did date for a reason! Superman is a great guy and I enjoy spending time with him, I just don't quite understand what is going on in his head...

And what happens on this not-a-date/but-is-it-a-date-?/time-to-just-catch-up...thingy be continued  :)

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