Sunday, March 24, 2013

Third times a charm

So you're probably wondering how my visit from Superman went...

Well I could tell you all the juicy details...nope. I'll just enjoy those by myself.
I could just go to bed.... but until I get this out I probably won't be able to sleep, so here it goes!

I learned a lot today-

For instance when things start going the way I dreamed that they would I start to feel guilty like I did something wrong and that's why things are going right. Ya that's weird, I know.

Also, expect the unexpected and love it. Life hardly ever works out the way we would like it to or plan it to. I would simply not make 'plans' just to avoid disappointment, but without a plan I get no where in life. I've come to accept that I don't know what is the very BEST for me, only our Father does and I've got to trust him on that.

And my hunches have been right all along! That was the biggest shock I think, but so bittersweet.

I hate myself for forgetting my camera when I really wanted to capture something that means a lot to me.

Although I feel like tonight was "just the beginning", my mission is my main focus! 3 days peeps... yup. You could say tonight was horrible timing, but if the man upstairs had anything to do with it then it was the perfect timing.

So now I'm just waiting for... third times a charm :) (And yes I am purposefully being vague.)

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