Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mama says...

So obviously I haven't been writing as much and I could blame it on a lot of things, but I think my mom was right when she said it's because I have facebook again so I just post life on that. Kind of lame, I know, but it's probably true. So here is something I won't be talking about on facebook...


I guess you could say I went back to the place of my "past" this week. (Clarification- I went to the location, not the state of life.) I was a little weary as the miles became shorter and shorter as I grew closer and closer and the miles grew longer as I drove farther and farther from home.

On my way I drove through a very familiar canyon. I had driven through the same canyon many, many times, but this time nightmares from the past flooded my mind. The canyon became ugly. It was trying to force spring to come, but winter still held on. It was muddy and plants only showed signs of death. And some parts looked like life never planned to return. It was ugly, just like pieces of my past.

As I drove on, my perspective changed and the canyon wasn't so ugly anymore. Like my past, the canyon resembled my own struggle to work past the ugly and over come personal challenges I faced. Some of the snow seemed purest white and reminded me of the atonement. The snow had to melt for spring to come, but it didn't mean the snow wouldn't impact the landscape and what it looked like in the spring. The earth had to grow.

Although, in a small way the canyon represented my past, I realized something else. Like my past, this canyon hadn't changed, but I had.

And I wanted to cry out and cry for joy because I had changed. I had changed for the better...and for good.

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