Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Hermana's prepartion adventures

I know, everything I claim as an adventure. But isn't life in general an adventure?

This is a quick update on life in well...the past few months...or several months...

First we'll talk about my lil' brothers mission farewell.

 There were so many people that came to Jake's farewell that people had to sit on the floor and down the halls!
 This is the kitchen/living space once things had calmed down a bit. At first it was WAY crowded. You couldn't see any of the floor. Just heads.
 Matt, Kimmy and the kids:) So glad we got a picture of all of them :)

 In front of the Provo temple.
Getting ready to drive to the MTC and drop him Jake off.

 The curb drop. Jake's about to enter the MTC doors. He loves his mission!

 Kade and I went bowling. Yes, I won but that isn't the point. I scored into the triple digits for the first time!!!
I also snapped a photo of Kade right as he turned around! He never lets me get a good photo of him and he's so handsome I don't know what his problem is!
Oh I'm sneaky! Got another photo of Kade eating London M&M's. Pretty sure they don't taste better than regular ones, but we thought it was cool.

 I ate lots of pizza...
Went to a dear friend's bridal shower. :)

 And watched as the Lady Wolves won state and my friend become MVP of the tournament.

Oh and Tyler threw "cloud" balloons/pillows/I-don't-know at me.

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