Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh the downs of dating

Honestly I don't find anything negative about dating without matching it up with some positive outcome, but I couldn't think of a cheesier title for this post and nor did I want to spend the time.

However I am going to talk about dating and dating "Spiritual Hunk". First, if you know Spiritual Hunk don't tell him I have a blog. For some reason I haven't mentioned it and I'd like to be the one to tell him and it would hopefully give me time to delete any embarrassing or overly hormonal posts. Plus, I'm not sure if he would dig being the *star* of some of my latest posts...or maybe he'd love it? We'll have to see.

There are some "downs" to dating and one of which I am experiencing today. I miss Spiritual Hunk. Honestly, I do. I won't be seeing him until next week and I'm just so thankful that it feels like this week has been going by quickly. Lately "Spiritual Hunk" and I have been trying to think of fun questions to ask each other to keep the conversation going. Sadly enough, even being the much more chatty one, I always seem to draw a blank and when I do think of something fun to talk about I always forget about it when I am with him. Well, I guess my memory has proved to come back when I fall of a surf board; I'll have to keep testing that. Now when I say I miss him its not a superficial I-miss-holding-hands deal (not that I don't miss that), but I miss just being around him and sitting on the front porch for hours talking about life and laughing together. Spiritual Hunk helps bring out the best in me and ever since our first date I have felt this inner motivation to push myself even harder to be a better person and improve myself in so many ways. In my perspective, our values and standards align so well it blows my mind. Its so refreshing. But separation isn't my favorite thing. Looking at my history in dating I've never seemed to handle it well and I haven't had to deal with it a whole lot, but then again I've only had one boyfriend-and no I don't count my 'real' first boyfriend because it only lasted a few days because he didn't treat me very well. Anyway! I'm not used to taking things slow either, but I enjoy it. Its definitely different, but its good. I feel like I'm dating the right way for the first time and to think it only took me four years!

So although I might be a little "down" (not really because I've been curled up in a book all afternoon thanks to a suggestion by my lovely cousins), separation gives me a chance to think more clearly about things without having Spiritual Hunk distracting me with his handsome face and tender squeeze. And even though you could say that dating isn't going the way I'm used to I'm not giving up or giving in, he's just too awesome to let go of so easily.

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