Sunday, March 4, 2012


Just like my life, there are going to be some changes made (that you've probably already noticed) to my blog. I decided the other day that sharing my frustrations and doubts openly on my blog isn't necessarily bad, but I'd like people to read my blog and be uplifted, inspired, and maybe feel like it has added a little sunshine in their lives.

I had a seminary teacher my senior year of high school, Brother Taylor, that gave me the nickname Sunshine. To back track, before I was in his class I would stop by his classroom to talk to a friend of mine and I guess I was always smiling and laughing and he didn't know my name so he just called me Sunshine after a while. I took this as an enormous compliment. To think that someone saw me as a little bit of sunshine when I came in the room just made me so happy (and plus I just love the sun).

So now my mission with this blog is to bring a little sunshine to the lives of those who read it.

This weekend I've been in Idaho visiting family. It has been so wonderful to be with my grandma. It hit me this visit just how much I love her and will miss her when she leaves this earth. I know I will see her again, but still. She is the grandparent that I am closest to and she does so much for me and all of her kids and grandkids.

Probably the most touching part of my day though was when I pulled out and read a poem, The Race, to my mom and grandma. It had never hit me so hard that Heavenly Father doesn't care so much as to which of His children finish "the race" the quickest, but those that keep going even after they fall no matter how many times.

What brought you a little sunshine today?

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