Friday, March 9, 2012

Bring on the sun!

Lately it has been really warm here in Logan and I am definitely okay with that. Ya we got kind of a random snow storm the other day but we are back to 50 degree weather! The other morning when I woke up I could hear birds chirping outside my window and that put my day at a perfect start. Then in institute on Friday we sang There Is Sunshine In My Soul. I must say that God is being merciful on the Aggies this winter and bringing in the sun early for us to enjoy :) I just wish my knee was better so I could go running outside!

I pulled out some of my summer shirts today, I don't care that its not even technically spring yet. I just want the sun to come out!!!

Oh and the best thing I discovered the other day was this video! The group is called the Piano Guys and they are amazing. This is my favorite of their songs thus far.

Peponi (Paradise cover by Coldplay)

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