Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games, the Gospel, and The End

I know, I know. It's after 3 a.m. but I have to tell you about my amazing night!

First, Jacob and I were going to go on a scooter ride, but the battery died before we could get anywhere, but it was a good attempt. But no worries, when we get a new battery Jacob and I will be out and about a lot.

Second, I GOT TO SEE MY FIRST MIDNIGHT MOVIE SHOWING! It was great. Typically I wait for all of my friends to see a movie I'm interested in seeing and then ask if they think I'll like it, but this time I did just the opposite. It was fun to read the books and then go see the movie. I was a tad bit disappointed but then I had to remind myself that you can't develop stories and relationships in a movie like you can in a book. So I guess they did a good job.

So anyways, in the car on the ride home, my roommate (who decided not too long ago that she wants to serve a mission) brought up some amazing thoughts. While I was focused on comparing the movie to the book, Cede was comparing it all to the Gospel (ya, she's great). Pretty much all stories or movies have a similar storyline. There are the bad guys who make life for the good guys tough and then a small group of the good guys decide to do something about it and in the end the good guy win. Now there are those strange movies where the bad guys win or something like that, but why do we find stories where the good guys DON'T win strange? Cede said that her theory was that we all have this idea that we learned from the preexistence that good always wins. I mean think about it. The war in Heaven, who won? The good guys. Its engraved in us before we even came down to earth. Loved that theory!

Another "theory" Cede shared with me was on magic. Cede is amazing and spends an hour or two reading from the Bible and another hour or so in the Book of Mormon. Anyway, she noticed that in the Bible it refers to "the word of God" and how in some blessings there are set words you say. Now think about oh...Harry Potter. There are certain words that have certain power. Make the connection? Satan "created" magic and witchcraft to mock the powerful word of God just like how he mocks everything that is holy and sacred. Now I'm not saying that we shouldn't watch Wizards of Waverly Place, or Sabrina, or Harry Potter, but its just another thing to think about.

Now to The End. Jessica, my other fabulous roommate, brought up another great thing to ponder. In The Hunger Games, before the tributes (I would explain the story in more detail, but I don't have time) are sent out to-well kill each other to save themselves, they are prepared, "beautified", and pretty much "shown off" to all those who are watching. Then after all of the fancy presentation they are sent to kill each other in order for the Capitol to show the people it's power. Think of our world today and how obsessed everyone is in "beautifying" themselves and physically prepping themselves. Again, I'm not saying that we shouldn't shower in the morning or exercise to stay healthy, but just think about it. Think about celebrities, they buy their fancy clothes and try to stand out from the rest (usually) and then later TV shows pick and choose which celebrities' looked the best and which ones were just outrageous. Our government is becoming more and more powerful in all the wrong ways. Who knows what could happen in the next decade? Crazy stuff, ya?

Anyways, on a happier note, the sun is shining ("and the tank is clean"-that one is for you Carrie Baker/Cluff)!


  1. THE TANK IS CLEAN!!!! :D Aly.... I like you. So so much. And I still need to give you an announcement. I was just remembering Easter Sunday last year... Ahh... such good times. Keira's turkey, the entire ward at our apartment... I miss that. Kind of a lot. But anyways. Can we play sometime? :) Love you!

    1. Love it! Do you remember when the apartment complex was outside and played hymns on all the random instruments? haha That was so fun!