Monday, October 1, 2012

Herbert, the amazing Spiderman

Herbert is exactly what I need right now. (I'll eventually get a visual for you.) I haven't had a guy treat me so good for over a year. When you look at me you may just see a twiggy (as Uncle Keith would say) blonde, but Herbert makes me feel like so much more.
Not only does Herbert treat me like a princess, but he is sweet to his mom, which says a lot.
Herbert makes me laugh 95% of the time I'm with him, the other 5% I'm rolling my eyes.
Although he may not resemble a physical giant, it's the giant inside Herbert that truly impresses me.
And it's the little things (frequently visiting the temple, writing in a journal, constant and steady improvement) that gets me thinking, how was I lucky enough to be the one sitting next to an empty chair?

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