Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hauntings from journals past...

(Excuse the title; just trying to get in the Halloween spirit.)

One thing that I like to do is read past journal entries. Typically I read entries from about a year before.

Tonight was one of those nights that I looked over at my collection of journals and decided to take a peek at what things were like a year ago.

Journal entry: October 26, 2011

"...there is this guy, -blank-, who has some interest in me. He is a very attractive man..."

Originally I had written up a pretty detailed story about this "very attractive man" (and I guess if you want it I can write about it), but I decided that it was better to just cut to the "chase" (bahaha-sorry my roommates are the only ones who will understand) than make you read a super long blog post.

 So there was this super attractive guy; and I mean like the kind of guy you try not to stare at as he walks by, would make you faint if he smiled too big, and would never talk to a girl like me unless I had season tickets to his favorite basketball team.Well this guy,..Mr. Gorgeous (yes I'm shallow, but we'll get to that), turned out to be interested in ME. It was probably the most bizarre and confusing thing I had ever experienced.

So like any girl, I was completely flattered at the attention and pleasantly confused. However, over a short period of time I noticed that I had lost all of that attraction and didn't care if I ever saw "Mr. Gorgeous" ever again. Dating this beautiful man was changing me in all the wrong ways. When I got ready for a date with him I focused more on what clothes I had that made me look really thin and was really fashionable (not that I had a lot to work with). I found myself constantly thinking about whether I looked thin, if my clothes seemed...well expensive enough. It just wasn't me. Ya I like to look nice for a date, but this was totally different. All of this made me look down on myself, think negatively and unrealistically.

I learned a very valuable lesson then. All that immature daydreaming of dating a super gorgeous guy that all the girls drooled over wasn't fun at all. Looks only took a potential dating relationship so far. I felt very out of place when I was around Mr. Gorgeous and his friends and that's not what I wanted.

So the point of all this...well I guess I read the short bit about it in my journal and giggled a little. But my biggest advice to you would be to be careful what you wish for. Gorgeous men are not always what they seem.

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