Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cecret Lake

Fall break was this week and it was so good to wake up and realize that I had ALL day to do whatever I wanted.

Once my lil' bro got home from school we went with my mom to Cecret Lake. I wanted a chance to take pictures of the gorgeous fall colors before they were gone. I was a little late for the really bright ones, but once we got all the way up the canyon, there were some amazing views.

 I took a ton of pictures of this blue jay but I couldn't stop from shaking so its a little blurry.
 I absolutely love quakies :) Probably my favorite to see in the fall.

 Kade found some sap :)
 Gorgeous reflection of the dark clouds in the sky.

Kade was being a goof and meditating on a rock. My mom started to cry because she was laughing so hard. Love that kid :)

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  1. Beautiful PICS!!! very well done, so superb, so divine, so majestic, so lushes, so vibrant :) i'm tellin ya, you need to be a photographer! :) you'd make your millions that way :)