Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dates? Yes :)

I guess you could say I went on two dates last weekend. Crazy, I know.

The first one was with 'R'town Wardie. Although I wouldn't be interested in going out again, he had some good qualities.
-Returned missionary
-Active in the church
-Knowledgeable about music
-Working towards a degree

Saturday I went a little out of town to go dancing and it was totally worth it! I went with a guy I just met. I asked him what he wanted his code name to be and he said Herbert. I was thinking something more like Peter Parker, but he picked Herbert so there ya go.
So Herbert and I went dancing and he paid for all of it, to some that would be considered a date, so I guess I'll give him a little spotlight.
-Returned missionary
-Active in the Gospel
-plays the piano
-Makes me laugh...hard
-Likes to go dancing
-Listens to good music
-Kind to everyone

We have a date coming up and there are a million other things I like about him so you may hear a little more about him later.

It was so great to go dancing! I miss it so much. My sophomore year of college I went a lot, well and my freshman year, and I've missed it a lot lately.

Hope ya'll had a good weekend. :)Mine was quite the adventure.

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