Saturday, September 1, 2012

Photo Shoot Practice 1 - Whit

Not long ago I discovered that photography was something that I loved a lot. Most of the pictures that I take are of nature, things that catch my eye. I have noticed, however, that I am very camera shy, but not camera shy in a way that I don't like getting my photo taken I get shy about taking pictures when people are around. In some situations I get over my "shyness" and end up taking some fun photos of friends and family but for the most part I don't pull out my camera a whole lot when people are around. Well as a "growing" amateur photographer I know I need to make this weakness a strength so I decided to start asking friends if I could take formal photos of them so I could improve. Selfish, I know, but hopefully they will have a fun time too so it will be good for all of us :)

This morning I had a "photo shoot" with my dear friend, Whitney. She is super gorgeous so it wasn't very hard to take pictures of her and with Jake around to make her laugh and remind her of how beautiful she was, I got a handful of great photos. Take a look and please critique! I want to improve! If you have suggestions or ideas for me let me know.

Thanks Whit!

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