Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dear Boys,

 So one of my friends has a dear boys blog post on her blog every so often and I still don't think I've figured it out, but I'm going to see if this works. If not I'll ask about it later and just vent for now :)
Dear Prince Philip,

I will always be your Sleeping Beauty. It was so good to hear from you on Sunday. I hope you call again very soon, I've missed you tremendously.

Yours forever,

Dear Dancing Cowboy,

Saturday is going to be interesting, but you seem nice enough so I'll give it a shot.

Sorry but my heart belongs to another

Dear Friend's ex,

I told her that you asked for my number and everything is a-ok. I still feel like I need to tell you whats up though. 

I still feel weird about this

Dear Past-Wardie-Crush,

Like I told Dancing Cowboy, my heart already belongs to another, but I think out of all the others you have the most potential. All I have to say though, is you have a lot to live up to if you want this chicka!

It might be too late

Dear Gorgeous Blonde Aggies,

Why must you all have wives?! 

The girl that just checked out your left hand



  1. Dear Aly the Awesome,

    Love it! And love you too! And I'm coming to Logan TOMORROW! So I should at least get a hug or something ;)

    Your Favorite Krystal

  2. Love it! SO glad you linked up. :) Also, it was great to see you last night. I really do love your hair.