Monday, February 13, 2012

Well I'm back! Well what I mean is I am finally beginning to act like myself again. Its nice to be back.

Anyway, back to the blog post thing. So Valentine's Day is like...oh...tomorrow. As always, I have no plans at all. Well I have work which is going to be just great. I get to seat all the cute couples holding hands, cuddling in a corner booth, sharing cheesecake and maybe a little kiss. Its going to be great especially after working four or five maybe even six hours (that will probably feel like 12 hours) to go home and realize that I still have no special plan for the most romantic holiday of the year. Maybe I'll even write myself a little note and leave it on my bed for me to read when I get home. Maybe I'll cut out some paper flowers too, at least they will last forever right?

Ha. Well don't worry, love may not be anywhere near me, but it's still here. Two of my roommates from last year are getting married! One Friday and the other possibly...this MAY! Ah! Oh and as you know my other roommate (one from my current residence) is getting married in May as well! We went wedding dress shopping on Friday and it was so, so, so much fun! I even cried a little. Do not worry, it was a happy cry.

After trying on 17 dresses she found the one and we (my other roommates and I) all loved it.

Congrats Brittney you have the dress. :)

So Valentine's Day may not be the most exciting day for me, again, this year, but it will be some day it will be. Until that day comes I don't mind helping my dear friends prepare for their special day. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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