Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer Adventure #1

I was home for about 5 days (it was weird, I won't lie) and came back "home" today. After work I went to my friend, Nate's, apartment because tomorrow is his birthday and I figured we would celebrate it tonight since he would be gone tomorrow. I took over cake mix I got from my grandmother's house. The cake turned out really well (complete surprise to me) and we played the most epic game of Parcheesi EVER!

Well in cleaning up our cake mess, well just cleaning the boys' apartment kitchen in general, I took Cameron, Nate's roommate, and Nate by surprise and splashed the them with water and then I ran to lock myself in the bathroom. I knew that I was in deep trouble and if I came out that I would be soaked in an instant, but I couldn't lose. The only way of escape was through the small window on the opposite side of the door. Cameron had already guessed that I would try and go out that way and had been previously sat outside the window staring at me like the biggest creep. Moments later it got a little quiet and I could tell that the boys were trying to figure out how to get into the bathroom so I had to think quick. There hadn't been a lot of noise outside the bathroom so I slid it open and listened. Nothing but the wind; it was time. I carefully popped the screen out and popped my head out as far as I could. The window was pretty high on the wall and the window well was very small. Looking out I figured it would be a miracle if I could pull myself up into the well let alone get out. I used my rock climbing skills to see different spots to place my feet to push myself higher into the well. It took me a minute, but I finally pulled myself out through the 18"-ish window and the window well not much larger.

I thought that was quite the adventure but writing it down doesn't make it seem quite as exciting. After getting out I just walked into the backyard and laid in the hammock waiting to see how long it took them to find me and discover that I was no longer in the bathroom.

Until the next adventure.

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