Friday, May 6, 2011

Moving Day

Today Carrie left me... and Selena and so many other friends will be leaving tomorrow too. Its really sad and heartbreaking because many of them won't be coming back to school in the fall. The apartment is so empty! I am really going to miss Carrie. She got me through some really hard times and was a wonderful example to me. Hopefully when I go up to Jackson Hole I'll bump into her somehow.

On a happier apartment and a guys apartment downstairs have been pretty good friends since the day we all moved up here. You could say that they are kind of our older brothers. Well after most of them got engaged I stopped visiting for the most part. I truly feel like I lost some good friends, but it was just awkward going over there being the only single girl not cuddled up to a hunk of a man.

Well today was the last day for final exams so everyone who isn't staying for the summer had to move out. The guys downstairs have been cleaning all day and one of the guys, Stu, continued coming up to give Keira (she's the only roommate staying for the summer with me) and I stuff he didn't want anymore. After taking an invintory this is what we got:
  • 8 Pool Noodles (not sure what I'm going to do with those...)
  • 2 Lamps
  • 1 blender (mine)
  • 1 portable heater (Keira's)
  • 3 boxes of fabric softener
  • 3 containers of popcorn kernals
  • 1 box of microwave popcorn
  • 1 bag of potatoes
  • 1 container of shortening
  • 2 containers of cooking oil
  • 1 opened box of Triscuits
  • a few boxes of Cup of Noodles
  • 1 Hanna Montana pillow (I'm not keeping that! It would be in the trash if it was my choice)
I'm sure there's more to come like the eagle statue Stu just brought up, but you get the idea.

This is kind of a answer to prayers since I'm so tight on money and slowly running out of food. Regarding the other stuff they gave us....I don't know what will happen to it.

Happy packing everyone!

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  1. Bah ha! I love Stu!! He's so great. I'm so glad we met him this year! :D Anyways, Miss Aly-- I miss your face SO much!!! I'll have you know that yes, I do think you've learned and grown and matured SO much this year-- I've watched you blossom into a confident young woman who has a clearer direction in life. I'm SUPER excited to have you up in Jackson-- you most DEFINITELY must come visit the Bar-T-5... Okay?? And let me know when you come up to Jackson, k? We better hang out next school year girly-- or I might end up with Alex withdrawals! ;) Love ya chicka- thanks for everything you stand for. I love you!!