Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dear Boys :)

Dear Prince Philip,

I still think about you sometimes. I hope life is treating you well and you've found someone even more amazing to be your princess.


Dear JW,

I loved getting a letter from you the other day. I hope Brazil is treating you well. The people are in my prayers.


Dear handsome teller-who-probably-took-the-job-I-wanted,

For once my dad is the once trying to help me find guys to date. Hope it wasn't weird that I recognized you. And I hope you weren't hoping to see me again, but as much as I love my dad its a little of a turn off to date someone he "found". :)

-Random girl who came into a credit union with her bank uniform

Dear Squishy,

Yes I'm writing about you and yes I realize that you will read this and know its about you. Its been really good to spend time with you. I'm proud of you for deciding to serve the Lord...finally ;) And I think its adorable that I can still give you butterflies even though its been years.

"hey Lady"

Dear Rexburg-Logan-St.Anthony man,

I'm really nervous and excited for our zoo extravaganza. (And I think after meeting you in person I'll think of a better name for you.) I keep hoping you're going to call me even though we already have the date planned for next week. I hope I'm not a disappointment and you are genuinely excited to meet me.

-Riverton-Logan-?Rexburg? girl

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  1. Aly... you have far too many men in your life for your own good. Poor guys... there is just not enough Miss Alex Jackson sparkle to go around... ;) hehe. Just kidding. You are wonderful no matter who is fawning over you. ;) Love you, sweet girl. And I hope all is well for you and these many boys. Don't let them tug on your heart strings too hard.