Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Once In A Blue Moon

(This post was actually created a while ago, I just didn't post it for some reason.)
For those that know me you know that I talk way too much and way too loud, I'm only funny because I am blonde and naive, and I get distracted terribly easy. Now these aren't HORRIBLE traits to have and on occasion I meet someone that can tolerate and maybe even enjoy my faults. In this case I had two young men in one weekend that took on the challenge of spending some time with me. Two "dates" in one weekend! Crazy stuff here, my horoscope this month must have said something like, "You will enjoy some experiences that occur once in a blue moon." Not only did I have a weekend of epicness (if that's even a real word), but Sunday was definitely a day to remember. Some of my newer friends are in the Institute Choir and Latter Day Voices and they had a performance at the tabernacle Sunday night. It was a beautiful program. My roommate and I were in tears and from the moment it began I had goosebumps! Not only that, after ward prayer I had about a dozen friends over for cookies. It reminded me of the time that we had 15 friends over and played games like the human knot, don't drop the key, smurf, and many other hilarious games. So for all of those people that like pictures here are some to give you an idea of my amazing weekend!

*Sorry the pictures are in such a weird order.
Carrie (my roomie) and I at our weekly temple trip. :D
Carrie and I both were asked to the IMA (Institute Mens Association) Banquet and she snapped a few pictures of me posing like a maniac.
 This is Braden and I after reading children's stories at Borders for 2 hours!!

Playing 3D twister-in this picture-> Me, Amy, Braden, Jeremy, Carrie, Trevor, Zach, Jeni, Marshall, Mike, and Mijke.
Playing signs.
 Cutting onions... enough said.
Carrie had teased me like crazy because I was asked on two dates in one weekend. The funny part was that the very next week she was asked on two dates!

 Reading books in Borders :) What a weekend!


  1. You and Braden can come over and read books to my kids for two hours, anytime. You could stay longer if you would like. Love ya!

  2. Maury you have no idea how much I would LOVE that! And I am sure that Braden would love it too. I will let him know you said that. :) Miss you guys! Love ya :D