Tuesday, February 22, 2011

101 Things in 1001 Days

So my dear friend, Krystal, had a post on her blog of a list of things she wanted to do in about the next 3 years. I loved the idea and decided to be a copy cat. This list isn't edited well and could use some specifications but I thought I'd post it now until I forgot about it and never did it. So here are the 101 things I want to do in 1001 days:

101 Things To Do In 1001 Days (2.7 years)

Start Date:     Wednesday February 23, 2011
End Date:

1.      Go to a ball
2.      Dress as an eskimo for Halloween
3.      Do 101 hours of service
4.      Go skydiving
5.      Be accepted into my desired academic program (Dietetics)
6.      Stay under 135 lbs.
7.      Dance at a masquerade
8.      Go to Zion’s National Park
9.      Go to Bryce Canyon (again)
10.  Go to the Grand Canyon
11.  Go boating on Lake Powell
12.  Go to  the ranch
13.  Go ice skating in the summer time (Olympic skating rink) OR ice skating on a frozen lake, pond, etc
14.  Clean the sink at Angies
15.  Try sushi
16.  Learn to drive stick
17.  Be in a photo shoot
18.  Learn to play 3 songs on the piano of my choice
19.  Get kissed in the rain
20.  Get kissed on a swing (at a park)
21.  Publish some poems
22.  Work on a ranch for at least a month
23.  Have a picnic in the mountains
24.  Write 3 song lyrics
25.  Alter a dress from the DI (wedding dress)
26.  Cook 50 real meals and serve it to others
27.  Break a dish (Like in the movie Martian Child)
28.  Hike the Teton Mountains
29.  Visit Pepperidge Farms
30.  See every Audrey Hepburn movie
31.  See General Conference at the Conference center
32.  Go to every temple in Utah
33.  Not text for 3 weeks straight
34.  Not watch any TV, including movies, for 3 weeks straight
35.  Make 1000 paper cranes
36.  Be serenaded
37.  Study abroad (if possible or do service program over the summer)
38.  Never kiss another guy until we are boyfriend-girlfriend (so I think that I am going to marry this guy)
39.  Go on 50 hikes (real ones, not “nature walks”)
40.  Buy a full outfit without worrying about cost
41.  Be in a mud fight
42.  Be in a food fight
43.  Go sledding down Old Main Hill
44.  Dance in the parking lot in the light of the car headlights
45.  Kiss under a mistletoe
46.  Change the oil out of a car
47.  Give a nonmember a Book of Mormon
48.  Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover 3 times
49.  Read the 4 Gospels again
50.  Go through the temple
51.  Read to children in a public place (library, Primary Children’s Hospital, etc)
52.  Attend a midnight premier of a movie
53.  Go on a sunrise hike
54.  Go to Bear Lake
55.  Go on a hot air balloon ride
56.  Go canoeing/kayaking
57.  Real rocks rock climbing
58.  Watch stars on a roof of a house
59.  Play night games with friends
60.  Read Jesus the Christ
61.  Go to the Festival of Colors
62.  Be able to squat 250 lbs
63.  Work out 3 days a week for 3 months straight (work out sessions half hour atleast)
64.  Write at least 20 letters for my future husband to later read
65.  Volunteer at a homeless shelter or something like that
66.  Make bread from scratch and deliver it to someone
67.  Play a memorized song on the piano for my mom
68.  Go snowboarding and/or skiing
69.  Make a quilt
70.  Run a half marathon
71.  Witness an eclipse, meteor shower, etc
72.  Ride in a horse and buggy (downtown)
73.  Go fishing
74.  Go camping (FOR REAL)
75.  Read 3 Louis L’Amour books I haven’t read yet
76.  Build a sand castle on a beach
77.  Index 101 names
78.  Weld something
79.  Learn to flutter my eyelashes
80.  Have a tea party with my very own tea set
81.  Learn to grill steak like Dad
82.  Try P90X
83.  Write down something that I am grateful for every day for 1001 days
84.  Write in my journal every day for a month straight
85.  Go to bed before 11 (asleep and not reading, etc) for 2 weeks straight
86.  Never take out a student loan
87.  Have a boyfriend (if it’s the Lord’s will)
88.  Enter a personal photo into a photo contest
89.  Get at least one scholarship
90.  Save $2000 for an emergency, etc
91.  Be truly converted to the Gospel (change of heart)
92.  Break my silly, ridiculous, disgusting, unlady like habit
93.  Break one bad eating habit and make one good eating habit
94.  Babysit!!!
95.  Exchange legit love letters with someone special
96.  Ride in a taxi and/or limo
97.  Meet a guy from the USU basketball or football team
98.  Do my own pottery
99.  Learn to knit and/or crochet
100.                      Do 100% visiting teaching for a year.
101.                      Choreograph a dance to Clair De Lune

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