Monday, February 7, 2011

Sticky Situations

The past little while has been full of crazy misunderstandings and confusion (of course because of the lack of communication). It has been a really good learning experience for me and it will continue to be even after everyone has made their decisions. ANYWAY! So this past weekend was the institute's Valentine's dance (girls choice) so I asked a good friend of mine from college to go with me (Jeremy). Jeremy has to still go on a mission and we are just really good friends so I thought it was a good idea to ask him. I could just have a good time. It was a BLAST! I loved it. :) BUT I have to admit that I realized that I have moved past the stage in life where you date just for fun and to just meet people. I want there to be a purpose!
*After the dance Jeremy and I went for a walk around campus and that's where some of the other pictures are from. Enjoy!
L to R ->Jeremy, me, Amy, and JJ (yes Jeremy and JJ are brothers and they are wearing identical tuxes-What studs!)
Amy had the right idea and wore comfy shoes that..well...were...great :)
 Old Main
Ice sculpture design in front of the Performance Hall. Jeremy and I stood in front of them and talked for so long! They were so pretty!

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