Monday, December 17, 2012

MY mission call :)

Life's been super crazy and I realized that I never announced where I was called to!!

So a couple weeks ago I was called to the Washington Spokane mission, Spanish speaking :D I leave for the MTC on March 27th. In preparation for my mission I get to go through the temple and that is one thing I am extremely excited about. Its been an amazing experience just in the few weeks of mission preparation. Although it has been a roller coaster of emotion and just pure craziness, I wouldn't trade if for anything.

I've had wonderful support from family and friends and honestly I don't think they realize how much that means to me. I've noticed that once I make a hard but important decision, Satan tries his hardest to keep me from fulfilling it. Well I don't know why Satan thinks he can keep me from serving, but he isn't messing with future missionary!

Here's some memories I've recently made :)

Ward Christmas Party Talent Show :)

 Hanging out because we can :)

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  1. I love this all. Life does get a lot harder than I thought, after receiving a call. The satan guy is not going to keep you from going, but he will try to keep you from being as prepared and ready as you could be. But keep being excited! You will be fabulous :)