Saturday, January 5, 2013

Double Digits!!

That's right! I have 81 days until I leave on my mission. I'm in the double digits ya'll! Its a great feeling.

If you had asked me two years ago if I was going to serve a mission I would have given you pretty much a solid "no". It's not that I didn't think that a mission was a good thing, I just didn't see it in my future, or at least in the future that I had planned.

As we all know, I've been boy crazy my whole life and I had always planned to be married way before 21 (the age change hadn't happened yet). But Heavenly Father knows me and He knew that a mission was the right thing for me. And you know what? He's a pretty clever man. You know how He got me thinking about serving a mission?! He started pulling awesome returned missionaries into my life that often talked about their missions and He also gave me awesome missionary experiences that started a seed inside me that grew and gave me desire to share the Gospel. Clever.

I've had doubting moments and pondered whether serving a full time mission is the right thing for me, but you know who keeps me going? My future husband :) Yup, that handsome man who has yet to reveal himself. I think I've mentioned this before, but I keep a journal that I use exclusively to write letters to my future husband. Ya it's silly, but you have no idea what it's done for me; for example this whole mission deal-eo. Every time I doubt I think about how wonderful it will be to share mission stories with my husband. And it might be a little selfish that I don't think about those who I will be serving first, but I'm not perfect.

I found a not in my scriptures that I wrote in February 2009:

"I AM going to serve a mission! ...No boy is going to change that!"

I guess deep down I knew all along that I was going to serve. Glad I finally figured it out.

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