Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blind dates reveal!

Okay so for those who are actually curious about how my blind dates went, this one's for you.

Mr. Logan-Rexburg-St.Anthony man (we'll call him...TDH short for tall, dark, and handsome) turned out to be a great guy! My hunch was right and the date went pretty good. Being a blind date and everything made things a little rough but TDH was very friendly so it helped me come out of my shell pretty easily too (well thats not hard to do in the first place). We had a great time at Logan's zoo. I got to meet his sister as well and she was very nice. Honestly if he asked me out again I would totally go but my prediction of that happening is 35%- unlikely. There were a lot of qualities that I liked about TDH:
  • returned missionary
  • wants to remain sensitive to language, violence, etc by watching and listening to good stuff
  • kind
  • friendly
  • gentlemanly
  • active member of the church
  • and from what I hear, he comes from a great family
    • Oh...and he drives a truck ;)
I only took pictures of animals on our date and none of them turned out so I have nothing to show you visually. Sorry! Although...TDH did take a picture of the two of us with his phone... I think his family was just as curious about finding out how the date went as my family has been- well my mom at least. :)

So the other date. We'll call him...Giraffe Sandwich :) Yup. I met up with my cousin and his girlyfriend and Giraffe Sandwich in Idaho Falls and I bet you can guess where we ended up going. To the ZOO! You would think its like a sign or something. Anyways, it was pretty fun. My cousin was a bit of a distraction and I have to admit I probably wasn't the best date. *note to self: going on blind double dates with family or friends may not always work out like it has in the past* It was still really fun I just didn't get to know my date very well. I do, however, have pictures from this date.

 This is my cousin, Sam, and his girlfriend. LOVE them! Super fun couple :)
 This is me and Giraffe Sandwich. By the way, the tiger statue we were sitting on was really, really hot hence the expression on my face. I PROMISE I don't always look that way.

Giraffe Sandwich:
  • I assume he has been on a mission... (ya I was a terrible date...)
  • Member of the church
  • kind
  • funny
  • Family friend (that's always a plus :) )
So ya- it was a fun weekend of dates, but nothing too promising. Honestly, I really, really, really, really want Seuss Contemporary to ask me on another date. My opinion on that happening in the future is probably... 50% or maybe 65% on a really good day. If he doesn't ask me out again its okay. We living very far away from each other once I start school in the Burg (Rexburg). Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Well I have to go to work. Hope ya'll have a fabulous 4th of July!! God bless America!

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