Thursday, July 26, 2012


I just realized how much I haven't shown ya'll about how fantastic my summer has been! Sadly enough I still don't have a photo of the one thing I want to show you the most, but we'll get to that hopefully by the end of the week. ;)

Soon after Jake left to sell security systems we had a family reunion. Love my cousins :)
 Uncle Laird and Katie
 Lauren and Grandma
 Mom and Daddy <3
 Oh and I turned 20! Lots of candles and delicious cake.
 While taking a weekend vacation I visited Logan and my dear friend, Amy. We're such goofs :)
 Rexburg was fun. Bumped into some old friends. Love these girls!
 My aunt and uncle's garden was so inspiring. So many beautiful things to see (and take pictures of).

 This is Nora and she is adorable. Got to see Kip and Alisha too, obviously. It was so good to see them!
 Took pictures of Devin, Maury, and the girls. :)
 Isaac at my OTHER family reunion. He is such a cutie!

 And the most recent thing, PAINT TWISTER! Epic is probably not a good enough word. It was a blast. This is before....
 My wardies. They're great.
 And this is after :)
 Miss Alyssa is wonderful.
 Swedish twister was fun too. Can't tell from this photo but this game is definitely up close and personal.
Me and Miss Alyssa. Yet again, evidence that I'm just weird.

Definitely have to say that this summer as been great so far and I look forward to it getting even better!

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