Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving with the Family

Last year I had to work on Thanksgiving but this year I chose to go home and spend the entire time with my family. It was really nice to go and get out of Cache Valley for a few days. Now remember I am camera shy around people so this is one of very few pictures that I took on Thanksgiving. My dear father and my niece. Love them both so very much. So after an amazingly filling meal we had an awesome tournament of dodgeball. This is the first year we have ever done this but honestly I think it would be a sweet tradition to start, just as long as we had better rules so no one got hurt.

I got to see some old friends over the break and my brothers and I made gingerbread houses! Jake and I shared one and Kade made his own. I must say that I had forgotten how much creativity was in our family.

Oh and I cut my hair...its now an asymmetrical A-line again :)

I promise you that the whole mistletoe thing was Jake's idea. Cross my heart! Isn't it cute though?

Kade, with his infinite genius, wouldn't let me take very many pictures of his amazingly awesome and epic gingerbread house so I'll have to describe it I guess. He made the roof out of cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch) and gave the house an overall lodge feel. He used pretzels for logs and gave it some bricks using pieces of pink gum. He did an awesome job and did it all by himself.

I can't wait to see what we do over Christmas break!!!!

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