Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beautiful Life

I don't have facebook, but I do get on with someone else's account to just check up on friends from high school to see what is going on in their lives. It is amazing to see all of the girls that are getting married, what amazing achievements they are all making, the lives they are blessing, and the beautiful lives that they are leading. It is so crazy to think that I am in college. I still can't believe it. I love the college life and just life in general right now! Thinking about how fun it must be for those taking the next step in life if it be marriage, a career, adventures in other countries, and so many other things I begin to feel so excited and warm inside like my life is wonderful and I could be in any of their positions in the next few years. I haven't been this happy and just wanting to go and conquer the world in a long time :) It is such amazing feeling! I am so glad that this summer has been so eventful and active. The hermit has come out of its shell so watch out! Oh how blessed I am to be alive, living in Logan, have fantastic friends and family, have someone in my life that I care about so much more than I thought I ever could, and constantly trying to strengthen my testimony. I'm not going to movies or spending money on expensive vacations or doing really anything that the world would think you need to be happy and I am completely pleased at where I am at! Life isn't any easier than it was yesterday, last year, 5 years ago, or any easier than it will be 5 years from now, but I love it!

So I just thought I would share a tid bit of my sunshine with you all! Remember that you have a Father in Heaven that loves you and you can't go wrong :) AH! I love life! What a beautiful life I am living. :)

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